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  • What does the refrigerator filter do?
    by ourfilters | Sep 14th , 2021
    When we were quoting the water from the water dispenser in the refrigerator, we suddenly thought: Is the water I drink clean?To be sure, this is a disturbing thought. But this is also an important iss
  • How to find the best website to buy a refrigerator water filter
    by ourfilters | Dec 27th , 2021
    Drinking water contains many different impurities, such as chemicals and pollutants, which are very harmful to our overall health. Long-term drinking of this type of water may increase the risk of can
  • Did you know about changing the refrigerator filter?
    by ourfilters | Mar 14th , 2022
    Water is very important to humans. About 80% of the human brain is water. About 70% of the body is water. In order to stay healthy, it is important to drink purified water every day.Using a refrigerat
  • The way to Flush Your Family fridge Filter
    by ourfilters | Mar 21th , 2022
    Whenever you replace your refrigerator water filter, our advice is that you rinse it before you start drinking. Flushing your refrigerator water filter is all about passing water through it a few time
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