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  • Don't forget to change the refrigerator filter again
    by ourfilters | Feb 22th , 2022
    Did you know that in order to get delicious fresh filtered water, you need to change your filter every 6 months? 6 months is the time given by most suppliers, and the actual replacement frequency will
  • Why we love Our Filters water filters
    by ourfilters | Mar 01th , 2022
    With the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to a healthy lifestyle. Adequate hydration is important during this process. However, environmentally unfriendly practices
  • Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Refrigerator Water Filter
    by ourfilters | Mar 09th , 2022
    On a hot day, a glass of clean, healthy cold water is a joy. So how do you get healthy and clean drinking water? A refrigerator water filter can solve this problem very well. But there are many brands
  • Did you know about changing the refrigerator filter?
    by ourfilters | Mar 14th , 2022
    Water is very important to humans. About 80% of the human brain is water. About 70% of the body is water. In order to stay healthy, it is important to drink purified water every day.Using a refrigerat
  • The way to Flush Your Family fridge Filter
    by ourfilters | Mar 21th , 2022
    Whenever you replace your refrigerator water filter, our advice is that you rinse it before you start drinking. Flushing your refrigerator water filter is all about passing water through it a few time
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