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  • Should you clean or replace the refrigerator water filter?
    by ourfilters | Aug 04th , 2021
    Most Americans know that household refrigerator water filters can reduce various pollutants lurking in the water. However, not everyone has taken the necessary steps to purify their drinking water. Th
  • Danger of not replacing the refrigerator water filter
    by ourfilters | Sep 02th , 2021
    If your drinking water basically comes from the water source of the refrigerator water filter, then you must know that the filter will gradually become dirty and unhealthy after long-term use. Do
  • How does the refrigerator water filter work?
    by ourfilters | Sep 23th , 2021
    Part of caring for your family is to ensure that your recipes and their cups have clean, fresh water. Most refrigerator water dispensers can easily obtain clean water after a triple filtration process
  • Are refrigerator water filters necessary
    by ourfilters | Oct 08th , 2021
    In recent refrigerator models, most refrigerators have a water filter that connects the water dispenser to the ice maker. If the water dispenser is used regularly, it should be replaced every six mont
  • Is the refrigerator water filter perfect?
    by ourfilters | Nov 17th , 2021
    In the previous article, we focused on the Advantages of refrigerator water filter. They make drinking water more delicious and safer, can save me money, are environmentally friendly, and have high ef
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