10 Things To Know About Your Refrigerator Water Filter
10 Things To Know About Your Refrigerator Water Filter

A good refrigerator water filter will not only remove contaminants and toxic pollutants but also give you fresh drinking water dispensed from your fridge. The best thing about a refrigerator water filter is that they don’t require plumbing work because it can be easily installed. Moreover, getting filtered and clean drinking water from the refrigerator comes with a longer filter lifespan as compared to traditional faucet water filters. However, not all refrigerator water filters work efficiently due to their different manufacturing. That’s why you need to pay attention to some important things to ensure you get the best model, like the edr1rxd1 water filter that meets your needs.

1-Filtration rate
When you are going to buy a water filter for your refrigerator, don’t forget to check how much it can filter water each day. Most people don’t care much about its filtration rate, but wiser buyers don’t neglect such important factors. The optimal filtration rate is the amount of filtered water your refrigerator water filter produces in a day. So, if the amount of filtered water that your refrigerator water filter produces is less than your daily water consumption, then this is not the right choice.

2- Compatibility
The water filter you want to purchase for your fridge should be compatible with your refrigerator. So it is quite important to check your refrigerator model, and they buy the water filter which is compatible with it. If you don’t know which water filter will work best with your refrigerator then read your refrigerator’s instructional manual before purchasing a water filter.

3- Quality
The filtration system will determine the quality of any refrigerator water filter. Some fridge water filter comes with basic filtration system while high-quality water filters like everydrop water filter 2 features 3-layered filtration processes. There are mainly two types of refrigerator water filters to choose from, i.e., generic water filters and OEM water filters. The generic ones are simple and work well. However, OEM will give peace of mind.

4- Installation and easy to use
Refrigerator water filters are something that requires constant cleaning and maintenance. That’s why it should be user-friendly. Don’t buy such fridge water filters that require professionals to install it or come with cumbersome steps for installation. As you need to change it once every six months, so purchase the one that is easy to maintain and has no unnecessary installation steps.

5- Which technology is used in a water filter?
Physical filters feature tiny holes and work well. But they can pass the small-sized contaminants even if they have tiny holes. That’s why; you need to buy the one that makes use of active carbon. The active carbon is used in refrigerator filters and doesn’t pass the microscopic particles. So, you get fresh and clean drinking water every day.

6- Warranty Provided for the Water Filter?
However, you need to replace the water filter after every 6 months, but almost all water filters are sold with lifetime warranties. Manufacturers know that even a high-quality water filter has to be changed after some months. So, make sure the water filter you are going to buy should have a warranty. This will ensure that you are better protected.

7. Operating cost
There’s no surprise that your budget will have a great impact on the type of purifier you purchase. Many factors determine the cost of a filter, including filtration rate, number of filtration process stages, storage capacity, compatibility, and more. If your refrigerator water filter features a remineralization cartridge, it will be more expensive.
There are some additional costs that you need to pay when you have a water filter. So, you should take into account the operational costs that come with the filter. Calculate the electricity costs and the cost of changing cartridges when you are buying a water filter. Bear in mind that some filters may appear costly when you purchase them, but often they might prove to be less expensive in the long run.

8-Capacity to remove harmful substances
Not all refrigerator water filters indeed have the same capacity. Some of them may permit chlorine to pass through, while others may not clear heavy metals from water. The water filters that can remove all the toxic pollutants and potential contaminants, microbes are harder to find, and they are often too much expensive.

9. Water Filter Performance
You should consider which contaminants the purifier targets. Also, check out how much water a filter can process before stopping work. Take these factors into consideration when you’re going to buy a new refrigerator water filter.

10. Level of water contamination
When you are choosing a water filter for your refrigerator, the level of water contamination is also an important consideration. You should know about the level of water contamination of a filter before buying. Almost all water filters work best at eliminating pollutants and contaminants, but it is better to choose the one that eliminates the metals, microbes and pollutants that are found in your water supply.

Once you know what contaminants need to be removed from your water supply, you can easily choose the right water filter for your fridge. For example, if you are living in a city area where you have a clean water supply, choose the filter that removes chlorine taste and smell. It will be more than enough for you. It is best to buy a water filter that comes with at least a 1-micron rating to ensure good results.

Bottom Line:
Indeed, refrigerator water filters are not compatible with every refrigerator model. First of all, you need to check if it is the best fit for your fridge model. Once you choose the compatible water filter, the next thing to check is what this water filter filters. For instance, if you have a chlorine odor issue, choose the one specializing in removing chlorine odor. Everydrop water filter 2 and edr1rxd1 water filter are the best refrigerator water filters that are compatible with almost all brands of refrigerators. Besides their compatibility with almost every fridge model, they come with a good filtration rate and capacity to remove toxic pollutants, heavy metals and other contaminants.

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