5 Things to Consider Before Getting Refrigerator Water Filters
5 Things to Consider Before Getting Refrigerator Water Filters

More and more people are becoming health conscious. They know how much tap water is contaminated and can be harmful to their health. They are well aware that investing in a good refrigerator water filter like edr3rxd1 water filter will be a great decision towards a healthy lifestyle. Refrigerator water filters are the best choice for several good reasons. Not only the good refrigerator water filters will provide you easy access to pure drinking water, but they ensure the ice-maker is making enough ice from this filtered water. Either you want to replace your existing refrigerator water filter or get a new water filter, knowing how to choose the right refrigerator water filter can help increase your refrigerator's life span and provide your safety and better taste. Here are 5 things to consider before getting refrigerator water filters that will help you navigate through the plethora of filter options available in the market.


Factors to consider before getting refrigerator water filters


As water filter has become an important part of any refrigerator due to harmful chemicals in the water, you can find several refrigerator water filters out there. But in recent years, the quality of such filters has changed drastically. Almost all water filter brands use granular activated carbon (GAC), but not all these water filters are the same. Let’s take a look at what you need to know before investing in a good water filter. 



1- Filtering Capabilities


The filtering capability of each water filter is measured in microns. If a filter has a lower micron rating, then it has the capability to remove more tiny contaminants. However, there are some exceptions; most filters rely on GAC (Granular activated carbon) to remove containments from the tap water. GAC comes attached to a rating of 20 microns on average.


The individual water filters come with plenty of great specifications that will give you more information about contamination removal and what type of contamination this filter can remove, and to what degree. When you shop around, pay attention to these factors and make sure to buy the one that comes with great filtering capabilities.



2-NSF certified filter


NSF is a reliable certification body and scientific standards developer that focuses on human health through testing, standard development, certification services and inspection. Their certification standards and water quality testing are considered the industry’s top standards. Even countries outside the USA use it as a standard, including Australia and European Union countries. World Health Organization (WHO) also designates it as global water filtration and safety. When you are going to buy refrigerator water filters, always purchase the one that comes with NSF mark along with numbers like NSF/ANSI 42 or NSF/ANSI 53. These numbers are referred to the safety standard to which the refrigerator water filter has been certified.


3- Flow rate


Flow rate can be described as the volume of water that moves in a certain amount of time. In simple words, you can say that the speed at which liquid flows through the pipe. There are some factors that influence the flow rate, including friction loss, pipe diameter, and water velocity. The volumetric flow rate helps you know which system is right for your refrigerator, whether it is a water softener, UV system or carbon filters. There are some factors that you need to remember when it comes to flow rate. 

The requirement of flow rate is based on the types of fixtures and their numbers. Consider buying that fridge filter that treats water effectively and allows for enough contact time with the type of filter media. Moreover, it should filter out a variety of contaminants. 


4- Compatibility with your fridge


One good indicator of what refrigerator water filter you should be purchasing is your fridge’s brand. This doesn’t mean that you should only buy refrigerator water filters manufactured by the same brand as your fridge, but choose the one that is compatible with your fridge. Branded filters may come with hefty price tags or don’t provide the results that you exactly want. In this case, you can choose the one that is compatible with your fridge. For instance, the Whirlpool EDR3RXD1 water filter is the best option that is compatible with any type of refrigerator. Moreover, it comes with triple filter technology that helps to remove large and medium-sized contaminants from the tap water. Its absorption filtration removes the microscopic contaminants to ensure safe drinking water. 


5-Quality filter media and performance


The water filters used for the refrigerator have ceramic filter media or activated carbon, or a combination of these two. Commonly, refrigerator filters that use a combination of activated carbon and ceramic filter media are more effective as they can filter out the majority of substances. However, it depends on what type of containment you need to remove from the water. If your only concern is to remove odor and chlorine, then go for an activated carbon refrigerator filter. If you want to remove other types of containment, then choose the filter that comes with active ceramic and activated carbon. It will produce better results when it comes to containment removal. For instance, the edr3rxd1 water filter and Whirlpool EDR3RXD1 water filter can remove all heavy metals, THMs, pesticides, microscopic contaminants, and other chemicals.


Bottom line:


Refrigerator water filters are typically designed to remove a wide variety of contaminants and other chemicals from your water that gets across your water dispenser. They not only remove unpleasant odors but help to maintain the freshness and quality of your water. As they are designed to be effective in their purpose, maintaining them is integral to your refrigerator's proper functioning and cleanliness.  

Choosing the best refrigerator water filter may seem a little bit confusing, but it is an important task that need not be too difficult. By considering the things mentioned above, you can save yourself and your family members from drinking contaminated water, leading to severe health issues. 

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