Did you know about changing the refrigerator filter?
Did you know about changing the refrigerator filter?
Water is very important to humans. About 80% of the human brain is water. About 70% of the body is water. In order to stay healthy, it is important to drink purified water every day.

Using a refrigerator filter is one way to get clean water. Manufacturers generally recommend replacing your refrigerator water filter at least every 6 months, especially with heavy use, but do you know why you should replace your refrigerator water filter?

Why should I replace the refrigerator water filter?

One of the most commonly used filter media in refrigerator water filters is activated carbon. Activated carbon is treated with oxygen to open millions of tiny, absorbent pores that trap tiny microbes, odors and volatile organic compounds in the water. Over time, activated carbon filters lose their ability to remove contaminants and become clogged with material. Bacteria can grow in your filter, the water that comes out is not clean water, and it can affect the health of the drinker.

When to replace the refrigerator water filter, in addition to the regular 6-month replacement mentioned above, the most direct sign is that the taste of the water has changed. When the water dispenser slows down, it means that your water filter is blocked by the elements that filter the water, and the filtering effect cannot be achieved. You need to replace it in time.

Another question arises when we are about to replace the refrigerator water filter, what refrigerator water filter do I need?

To find out which filter is right for your refrigerator, consult your refrigerator owner's manual. Then, visit ourfilters.com and find the filter you need by model number and place an order. This website offers a wide variety of compatible refrigerator filters, like edr3rxd1 refrigerator water filter, edr1rxd1 water filter. Compatible refrigerator filters do work just as well as brand-name products at a great price.

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