Do refrigerator water filters remove lead?
Do refrigerator water filters remove lead?
Both EPA and CDC have researched and agreed that lead is harmful to children and adults. In particular, children are more susceptible to lead, which may cause some serious health problems, including learning disabilities, hearing loss, short stature, central nervous system damage, and even blood cell formation disorders. Therefore, necessary precautions should be taken to ensure that our drinking water is not polluted.

In fact, lead is one of the most common pollutants in household drinking water. Almost all the lead in drinking water comes from old pipes and solder. When a chemical reaction (also known as corrosion) occurs in pipes containing some form of lead, lead usually enters your drinking water.

What if my drinking water contains lead?
If you have determined or just suspect that your water is contaminated with lead, it is important to take some precautions to protect your family.

Install the refrigerator water filter
As we have determined, a lead filter can remove lead from water-as long as you get the correct filter and install it correctly. You have many choices, the only important consideration is to ensure that the water filter you choose can filter the lead in drinking water. When installing the filter, please read the instructions carefully and make sure to install it in the correct way.

Use bottled water
Although drinking EPA-regulated tap water is almost always safer than drinking bottled water, once a lead problem is discovered, you may want to stop drinking tap water immediately—at least before you can install the water to solve the problem. When you install a water filter, using bottled water should only be a temporary solution, because filtered water is a more sustainable solution.

Can the refrigerator water filter you install remove lead from the water?
Refrigerator water filters can normally remove lead from drinking water. But not all refrigerator water filters can remove lead from water. So when we buy, we must see if we can filter lead. Choosing Ourfilters refrigerator water filter can reduce 97% of lead and other pollutants, allowing you to enjoy refreshing tasting water.
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