Don't forget to change the refrigerator filter again
Don't forget to change the refrigerator filter again
Did you know that in order to get delicious fresh filtered water, you need to change your filter every 6 months? 6 months is the time given by most suppliers, and the actual replacement frequency will vary according to the amount of water you use, water quality and other reasons.

You may be wondering why you should replace your refrigerator water filter, since a clean water source is vital to your health. The water supplied to your home absorbs large amounts of minerals, bacteria and other contaminants as it enters the pipes. When you use the water dispenser in the refrigerator, the filter's job is to remove all these contaminants, allowing you to drink healthy water.

The above mentioned that the cycle of replacing the refrigerator water filter is not necessarily 6 months, and sometimes we may not remember the last time the refrigerator water filter was replaced, so you can pay attention to some signs that it is time to replace it:

Refrigerator water smells bad
Refrigerator water is hard to drink
Water dispenser pressure is low and water flow is slow
Refrigerator water appears to have other colors or impurities

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