Frequently Asked Questions about Refrigerator Filters
Frequently Asked Questions about Refrigerator Filters
Refrigerator water filters have a service life. Normally, it is recommended to replace them every six months. If they are not replaced in time, the impurities in the water will not be well filtered. Replacing the water filter of our refrigerator is easy but challenging to a certain extent. After researching this aspect, we have compiled a list of frequently encountered problems when replacing refrigerator water filters, and how we can solve each such problem.

1. After installation, the water filter does not run smoothly?
After installing the water filter, it is found that the water flow is slow, which may be due to the following problems during the installation process
The protective cover of the new water filter could not be removed. Before installing a new water filter, please remember to remove its protective cover.
I forgot to rinse the filter. The new filter must be rinsed before use.

2. After replacing the filter, there is no water coming out of the refrigerator
If this happens, it is likely that there is a problem with the refrigerator's water valve or the new water filter. To check which is the problem, first reinstall the old filter. If the water comes out not from the new filter but from the old filter, there is no problem with the water valve, but the problem lies in the installation of the new filter. If there is no water coming out of the old filter or the new filter, there is a problem with the water valve.

3. There is a small amount of leakage or dripping after the refrigerator filter is installed
If this happens, there may still be air in the pipeline, please try to flush the water through the water dispenser as often as possible for 3 minutes. Until the water starts to flow freely, press the dispenser level for two minutes.

4. The water tastes different
The refrigerator's filter is designed to remove chemicals and pollutants from the water, and does not add anything to the taste of the water. When the water tastes different, you are prompted to replace the refrigerator water filter.

5. Before replacing the filter, the filter is clogged
Normal businesses will recommend replacing the water filter once every six months, which also depends on the water quality and usage. If the water flow starts to slow down, your filter may become clogged and may need to be replaced.

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