How Does a Refrigerator Water Filter Clean Your Water? 
How Does a Refrigerator Water Filter Clean Your Water? 
How Does a Refrigerator Water Filter Clean Your Water?

The EPA-governed water system is the most used water system in the USA. Around 300 million people in America get the drinking water from there. EPA follows the purification standards to ensure that you drink safe water. Moreover, purified water means clean drinking water that doesn’t contain contaminants like lead, e-coli, arsenic and chlorine. According to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), over 30 million people in the USA become sick due to waterborne diseases every year.

If you have not installed a water filter, containments will make their way into the tap and cause infections. In this case, a water filter comes to rescue you where the municipal water system can’t help you. According to experts, tap water doesn’t meet the good water quality standard set by the environmental protection agency (EPA). When it comes to refrigerator water filters, most come with a built-in water filter. But how does refrigerator water filter works and clean your water? Read on to learn how every drop water filter 1 works to remove the contaminants. Are you ready? Let’s get into it!

How they clean water?

Most people want to know, do refrigerator actually works. The simple answer to this question is, ‘absolutely yes!’ Then you may be asking ‘how they clean water.’ It is not rocket science; it is so simple. Refrigerator water filters are responsible for clearing the contaminants. So the water is forced through the activated carbon placed inside the water filter. The activated carbon acts as a contaminant magnet that traps the particles, pollutants and other toxic contaminants.

So here you go; this is clean and purified drinking water that you can use for drinking, cooking and other purposes. It’s like a walk in the park and really that simple. However, you need to replace the water filter after every six months like the old bags in the old-fashioned vacuum.

If you don’t replace it after a recommended period, it will not properly filter the containments. You may find harmful substances in the drinking water. Once the carbon inside the filter covers with containments, water will not be purified and leave polluted water. When the water passes through the overused refrigerator water filter, it can dislodge some trapped pollutants back into your water. So, don’t forget to repair it after some months to avoid such happening.

The filtration process

There are three stages of the filtration process of the Whirlpool EDR1RXD1 water filter that helps to trap particles, pollutants, and harmful contaminants that are found in tap water.
1. The primary step of the filtration process is particle filtration, in which large contaminants are seized, such as silt, sand and others.
2. Micro-filtration is the next process in which medium-sized particles are blocked, e.g., cysts, sugar and others.
3. Once the microfiltration process complete, the process of adsorption filtration occurs. It adsorbs the atoms, gas molecules, ions and other microscopic contaminants.

Are Refrigerator Water Filters Worth It?

Are you mulling over that refrigerator water filters worth buying because they come with replacing costs? It’s true that they are not a one-time purchase, but their cost of replacing filters is very low. They have the potential to block harmful contaminants, heavy metals, sand, and rust that can be part of your drinking water if you don’t use a water filter. So, it is quite convincing to bear a little cost after some months for the sake of the good health of yours and your family.

Moreover, unfiltered water may also have a bad smell and strange taste. You need to make sure you drink filtered water and don’t forget to replace the water filter regularly to have easy access to clean and safe drinking water. According to a study conducted by the Good Housekeeping and the University of Arizona concluded that refrigerator water filter is one of the most effective water filters out there. When it comes to removing pollutants and contaminants, they are better and more efficient than pitcher water filters which we normally use.

Refrigerator Water Filters – Are They Necessary?

Drinking unclean water is much like eating unclean food. Of course, you will not eat such food that is contaminated. So water should be treated the same. If health is your top priority and you want to drink clean water, refrigerator water filters will surely give you peace of mind. However, you need to replace your fridge water filter twice a year that helps to safeguard the health of you and your family. No matter which branded fridge you are using, filter replacement is essential to ensure that you are drinking clean water. If you don’t change them, they will become less effective over time and allow more contaminants that can breed more problems.

Does A Refrigerator Water Filter Remove microbes?

Drinking water is safe to use, but it can contain some illness-causing microbes like bacteria. Due to contamination, fecal coliforms and E.coli are also present in water, and that’s where refrigerator water filters come in. These bacteria are so harmful and become a cause of stomach cramps, vomiting and diarrhea and other illness.
As we mentioned above, activated carbon is used in the water filter; it absorbs such illness-causing bacteria. So As long as your water filter is clean, you will drink clean water. However, once your fridge water filter gets contaminated with pollutants, bacteria can build up over time. They are potentially harmful to your health, so it is important to change your water filter on a regular basis. Don’t let them make your water filter their breeding grounds. A fresh and clean fridge water filter acts as a barrier between these health enemies and you and your family.

Bottom Line:
To wrap up, YES! Fridge water filters clean water as long as they are not contaminated and replaced regularly. Make sure to maintain it and replace it as your owner’s manual specifies you. This is usually once every six months that will ensure that your water remains healthy, clear, tasting good and clean.

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