Most forgotten filter in the home: refrigerator air filter
Most forgotten filter in the home: refrigerator air filter
When we came back from a holiday and opened the refrigerator for a snack, we sometimes smelled something that had passed its expiration date. This smell will linger and quickly eliminate appetite. Fortunately, it is easy to prevent odors and even bacteria from growing.

Only need to properly maintain your refrigerator air filter! By changing the air filter regularly, you can ensure that you and your family are provided with the freshest and healthiest food.

In this article, we will focus on all the knowledge needed to maintain the refrigerator air filter. Read on to learn about refrigerator air filter tips that can keep your family's food safe!

What is the function of the refrigerator air filter?
The refrigerator air filter is a small flat filter composed of several layers of fabric. Between the layers, they usually have activated carbon, an effective deodorant.

The refrigerator air filter is installed in the air passage of the refrigerator compartment to clean all the air entering the refrigerator. They also clean the air circulating throughout the refrigerator.

The air filter eliminates odors and ensures that only fresh, sterilized air can pass around the refrigerator and above the food. This ensures that your fruits and vegetables stay crisp and clean longer. At the same time, by properly maintaining the refrigerator air filter, you can take measures to prevent most bacterial colonies from forming in the refrigerator.

Energy efficiency
If you ignore the refrigerator air filter, it may become clogged with particulate matter. This is not only unhealthy, but it can also cause your electricity bill to rise.

When the air filter is impacted, the machine must work harder to inhale and circulate the air. The harder the machine works, the more energy it consumes and the more heat it emits. Reduce energy costs by keeping the refrigerator running smoothly.

Replace the air filter
Proper care and maintenance can improve the efficiency of air filters and refrigerators. It is very easy to replace the refrigerator air filter. The process can be completed in a minute or two!

Find your air filter
Not all refrigerators have air filters. The more modern your machine is, the more likely it is to be equipped with an air filter.

If you are not sure about the location of the air filter, please refer to the user manual or look inside, they are easy to spot! Look for a raised compartment on the wall of the refrigerator. Usually, they are located high on the back wall.

When to buy a refrigerator air filter?
It is recommended that you replace the refrigerator air filter every six months on average. You can also check the user manual to find specific instructions for replacing the refrigerator air filter. Fortunately, the six-month rhythm is also the recommended time to replace the refrigerator water filter, so it is easy to remember to replace them at the same time.

How to replace the filter
Your user manual will usually list the air filter product number. If you don't have a manual, the model number is usually on the filter box. If you find the number, all you have to do is search for a replacement filter on

If you cannot find the product number, you can search for filters by brand and refrigerator model. If the filter is not suitable for your machine, the discount filter also offers free returns.

The replacement process is quick and easy. You can follow the instructions in the user manual.

Replace your filter now!
Good health starts with the food we put into our body, so it makes sense to keep the food storage system as clean as possible. When you are ready to order an affordable refrigerator air filter replacement, check us out and learn how we can help millions of Americans save money.

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