Should you clean or replace the refrigerator water filter?
Should you clean or replace the refrigerator water filter?
Most Americans know that household refrigerator water filters can reduce various pollutants lurking in the water. However, not everyone has taken the necessary steps to purify their drinking water. The new refrigerators on the market today can easily filter water because most of them have a built-in cold water dispenser.

Maintenance and regular replacement of refrigerator water filters are the key to keeping drinking water fresh and pure. In addition to the better taste, other benefits of the refrigerator filter system include saving money and reducing the waste of bottled water.

If you are not sure how to clean your existing water filter or need to install a new one, then you are in luck! Read on to understand the ins and outs of the cleaning and installation of the refrigerator water filter.

Signs it's time to replace your refrigerator water filter
When it comes to clean water, your refrigerator's water filter is the most important factor. So, how do you know when to clean or replace the water filter? There are several signs to be aware of:

  • Six months have passed since you last changed the filter
  • The indicator light on the refrigerator is on
  • The water dispenser takes longer than usual to fill a glass of water
  • The smell of water is interesting
  • Ice smells funny or looks cloudy

Clean or replace the filter?
Once you have determined that the water filter needs attention, you need to decide whether it should be cleaned or replaced. If only a few months have passed since the last water filter replacement, you can try to clean it instead of spending money to replace it.

To clean it, first, you need to find the filter. It is likely to be located on the grille at the bottom of the refrigerator, inside the door, or in the upper right corner of the inside. Once you find it, grab it and clean it.

Cleaning the refrigerator filter is a simple process. Tap on the trash can or sink to remove any excess debris that has accumulated over time. Then immerse it in warm water mixed with soap or vinegar. You can also buy cleaning products specifically designed to clean filters.

Let the filter soak for about 30 minutes, then place it under running water until the water that comes out looks clear. Let it air dry, then put it back in the refrigerator. At this point, you should take out fresh and clear water from the refrigerator. If you are still experiencing problems, it may be time to replace the filter.

So how to replace the refrigerator filter? The specific next article will take you to understand how to replace the refrigerator water filter.

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