The way to Flush Your Family fridge Filter
The way to Flush Your Family fridge Filter
Whenever you replace your refrigerator water filter, our advice is that you rinse it before you start drinking. Flushing your refrigerator water filter is all about passing water through it a few times.

Why Flush the Refrigerator Water Filter?

No matter what model of refrigerator you have, chances are your refrigerator filter contains clumps of carbon media. When the filter is properly installed, the drinking water passes through the filter and the carbon media will capture contaminants and particles in the drinking water before dispensing it.

Manufacturing and shipping processes can loosen carbon particles in filter media. Don't worry if you notice tiny carbon in your drinking water after installing a new filter, or if the liquid looks grey. this is normal. Some carbon particles are harmless if ingested, but you will want to avoid drinking this water as it can have a bitter taste.

How do you flush a refrigerator water filter?

If you look at the filter's installation guide, it may suggest that you have 3-5 gallons of water through the refrigerator water filter before use. If your refrigerator does not dispense drinking water but has an ice maker, you will need to throw away the first two batches of ice.

Flushing your refrigerator filter can be done in 3 easy steps:

1. Get a large cup that fits in the refrigerator water dispenser. As long as it's a large container that fits well under the refrigerator dispenser dispenser.

2. Place the container in the dispenser and begin dispensing water. Then pour the water into the sink, or use it to water plants.

3. Repeat 1-3 times until 3-5 gallons of water are flushed.

Methods for rinsing your refrigerator water filter may vary, and it is recommended that you check the owner's manual for accurate information and facts.

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