Understand how water quality affects your health
Understand how water quality affects your health
Water is the foundation of life. In the human body, 70% of our components are water, and the functions of some major organs depend on water. Therefore, maintaining moisture is essential, and access to high-quality water has a huge impact on the quality of life.

The importance of maintaining adequate moisture
Keeping hydrated is one of the key points for a healthy body. The functions of multiple organs such as the intestines, kidneys, and muscles are directly related to the quantity and quality of water consumed. On the other hand, if the body as a whole does not get enough water, headaches, fatigue and other problems will occur.

Even in old age, dehydration is one of the most common problems. Physiologically, there is less water in the body of the elderly, so hydration becomes more important.

vice versa. Therefore, children must develop the habit of drinking water from an early age. This is a great responsibility for parents, because children do not have this concern.

Importance of water quality
First, water quality may be related to the spread of certain diseases. The sewers and basic sanitation systems in some countries are not ideal, which is why certain diseases such as hepatitis, cholera and diarrhea caused by drinking contaminated water occur.

This often happens during cooking, because the water is usually taken directly from the tap without worrying about the degree of contamination.

In addition, the pipes through which the water passes contain many impurities, which are easily mixed with the products to be consumed. Aging pipes will contaminate the water with iron, clay and sediments. Therefore, the purity of water is essential for health and quality of life.

Tips for you and your family
Always set an alarm on your phone, set reminders around the house or on your computer at work. Drink healthy water, protect yourself and devote yourself to this good habit.

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