Why Do You Need a Refrigerator Air Filter?
Why Do You Need a Refrigerator Air Filter?

Modern refrigerators come with drinking fountains, a.k.a. water dispensers and ice maker. To perform effectively, these two parts rely on the water filter. That’s why water filter has become a must-have component of any modern refrigerator. But do you ever think about refrigerator air filters? Are they necessary? If yes, why do we need them? The refrigerator air filter has emerged as the most important part of the refrigerator since it guarantees a fresh stream of air inside the refrigerator and neutralizes bad odor. So, it helps to remain your foods, vegetables and fruits fresh despite the duration of time. You can safely consume food even after a couple of weeks. Want to learn more about the refrigerator air filter? Keep reading!

What is a refrigerator air filter?

A refrigerator is a thermally insulated compartment, but the entire compartment will pervade with odors when the food begins to spoil. Some people use baking soda as an air purifier inside the refrigerator. However, baking soda comes with an odor control function, but its effects don’t reach far outside of its box. As it is placed in the air pathway, it reduces the odors and keeps your stored food safe and fresh.

It is mainly due to its capability to purify air more effectively. According to home appliance professionals, air functions more effectively than baking soda because of its placement within the ventilation flow that circulates in the compartment. It is said that an air filter has the ability to reduce the odor eight times better than a baking soda box. That’s why people prefer to have those refrigerator models that have a Whirlpool refrigerator air filter.

Are Refrigerator Air Filters Necessary?

Now all new models of refrigerators come with water dispensers and ice buckets that require water filters to function more effectively. Due to the inbuilt water dispenser, the water filter has emerged as an essential component that eliminates waterborne pollutants and provides you safe water supply. But most of us want to know whether air filters are necessary, like water filters or not? Do we really need them? The simple answer to this question is ‘Absolutely yes.’

· It is included as one of the most important components of a refrigerator because it ensures the fresh air flow inside your fridge while neutralizing the bad odor. Due to its great functionality, it can remain all your food items fresh longer even if your refrigerator is well-stocked.

· In other words, air filters are clean or purified air that is placed within the air pathway. When this fresh and clean air circulates over all your refrigerator essentials, it ensures that food and other stocked items remain safe for your consumption.

· Moreover, the air filter is also responsible for eliminating the unpleasant odor that accumulated in your fridge that leads to the prevention of accumulation of bacteria and foodborne diseases caused by food spoilage. 

· The best thing about air filters is that they help to keep away the bacteria and other germs from the fruits, vegetables and other refrigerator essentials. This will ensure safe, fresh and healthy food. Most people ask either its effectiveness will be the same for all models. It may vary and depends on the model and size of your refrigerator.

Does my refrigerator have a filter?

Not all refrigerators come with an air filter. However, you can spot the air filter in your refrigerator if your refrigerator has this magical component. The air filter has a cylindrical or flat shape. You can spot it inside the louvered housing. The tab that projects from the louvered housing is a sign of a flat filter. The housing line will rotate in case of the flat air filter. Those refrigerators that have single-door, side-by-side and French-door are likely to have air filters. In case you don’t know the presence of an air filter in your refrigerator, or you don’t know which filter to use in your fridge, then seek help from the owner’s manual.

Do All Refrigerators Have an Air Filter?

No, it’s necessary that all refrigerators must possess air filters. But all modern refrigerators have an air filter that has single, French or side-by-side door fridge versions.

 Air filter- A Significant refrigerator component that keeps your refrigerator clean

If we say a refrigerator is one of the most important home appliances, it won’t be wrong. But unfortunately, it is ignored for maintenance. Not most of us know the basic steps to keep it clean that can maximize its efficiency. The maintenance of the refrigerator starts with filters, either it is water filters or air filters. The refrigerator filters protect it from bad smells, toxic chemicals and make your food safe for consumption.

There are three main filters used in the refrigerator, but an air filter is the most important one that you should consider to maintain your refrigerator cleanliness.

They play a crucial part in neutralizing unpleasant odors and ensure a fresh stream of air supply inside your refrigerator. They are more like a filtration system and must be changed every six months. That’s why; you need to review your user manual to change it. 

Either you have a single door or French door refrigerator and want to change the air filter, Whirlpool every drop ice & water refrigerator filter2 might be the best option to go to take preventive actions against germs.

The best thing about the Whirlpool refrigerator air filter is that it can be used with almost all popular refrigerators and help to keep your refrigerator stock items fresh for a prolonged period of time.

When do I need to change my air filter?

In most refrigerator models, the air filter should change every six months. When you replace the air filter every six months, it ensures optimal filtering of unpleasant smells in the refrigerators. 

Bottom Line:

There is no surprise that good health is all about eating healthy and fresh food. These days, refrigerators come with air and water filters that serve safety and freshness for your food and other daily necessities. Air filters help to clean air circulating throughout the refrigerator that prevents bad odor. This clean air ensures that your food remains safe during storage.

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