Danger of not replacing the refrigerator water filter
Danger of not replacing the refrigerator water filter
If your drinking water basically comes from the water source of the refrigerator water filter, then you must know that the filter will gradually become dirty and unhealthy after long-term use. Don't think this is a small problem. Only by finding the problem early and replacing the refrigerator filter can you restore drinking the cleanest and healthiest water.

What happens if the filter is not replaced?

The service life of the refrigerator becomes shorter

By not replacing the refrigerator water filter, you will introduce a lot of bacteria and chemicals that are not good for your body, and they are also bad for the refrigerator.
Failure to replace the filter will prevent the accumulation of chemicals in the water supply and ice maker, which will start to impair the function of the refrigerator. It is worn by reducing the flow of water and may leak to other parts of the container.

Bad water
Another important feature of the filter is to eliminate the unpleasant part of the water. If you do not replace the filter, your water will have a sulfur/metal smell.
In order to ensure that you get the best taste of water from your refrigerator, you must buy high-quality refrigerator filters and make sure to replace them regularly. Good water not only tastes good, but also makes your drinking experience more enjoyable.

Endanger health
The role of the water filter is to remove odors, impurities and chemicals. To do this, it combines carbon filtration and sediment.

The water supply to the refrigerator has to travel a long distance before reaching the destination of the water dispenser. When it passes through pipelines and other areas, it will be introduced into deteriorating pipelines, sewage, drugs, manufacturing waste, etc.

In order to prevent these different pollutants from entering your drinking water, high-quality filters will participate in the removal of volatile organic compounds, lead, chlorine, etc.

If you avoid changing the filter regularly, the carbon, bacteria, mercury, asbestos, etc. that cannot be filtered out will endanger our health.

How often should I change the filter?
How often you change it depends on many factors, such as the make and model of the refrigerator, the quality of the tap water, and how often you actually use the water in the filter. If you visit the website of the refrigerator supplier, they will usually provide general advice on the frequency of filter replacement. For example, it usually varies between 3 and 6 months. We generally recommend 6 months, but if you use more or less water than the average person, this time will fluctuate up and down.

Regular replacement of the refrigerator water filter will help us drink healthier water, so we must not forget to replace it regularly.

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