When to replace the refrigerator water filter?
When to replace the refrigerator water filter?
Replacing the refrigerator water filter is not always as simple as following the manufacturer's instructions. Replace it every six months or when using 200 or 300 gallons of water. But when we drink water, we don't record how much water we drink. So how do you know when to replace it?

Here are five signs that your current refrigerator water filter needs to be decommissioned.

1. Water tastes different
When your water passes through city pipes and household taps, the debris will be dragged away. Air pollution and different forms of waste can also contaminate water and cause strange smells.
A properly functioning refrigerator filter will reduce the presence and smell of chlorine. Therefore, when your water starts to taste bad, it is time to replace the filter.

2. Water starts to smell
80% of what you can taste is affected by your sense of smell. Therefore, your nose may prompt you to use a dirty water filter before your taste buds.
Water that smells like rotten eggs will not only make you sick. The smell of hydrogen sulfide means that your water has passed through the rotting organic matter underground.
Impurities such as animal excrement or dead animals have been found in the water supply before. Therefore, if you smell some peculiar smell, check the water as soon as possible.

3. You see sediment floating in the water
The thick carbon tube in the refrigerator's water filter collects contaminants, such as the sticky side of a piece of adhesive. When the surface is completely covered, the particles can slide without being adsorbed.
Adsorption is different from absorption. Imagine a sponge that absorbs water. When you squeeze out the sponge, the water is still as dirty. When the carbon filter loses its absorption capacity, it becomes as effective as a sponge in filtering contaminants in the water.
This may be one of the late signs that your filter needs to be replaced. Refrigerator filters that no longer remove contaminants can still provide water with no peculiar smell or smell. Therefore, when you see things floating around, you don’t know how long your filter has been clogged.
Using a transparent, colorless glass is the easiest way to find this logo. When the particles are no longer removed, it is time to replace the filter.

4. Flow rate of your refrigerator water filter slows down or stops completely
Microorganisms are not the only water pipes that can free ride. Rust, sand, clay, and small amounts of organic matter may also flow into your filter.
When the water flow of your refrigerator filter slows to dripping or stops completely, those larger particles will form a blockage. Just like the previous logo, these particles maximize the adsorption capacity of your filter. However, they will not pass through and float in your drinking water, but will completely accumulate and stop the system.
If not resolved, accumulation like this may affect the service life of the equipment and damage the system.

5. Water change color
One of the main red flags of poor quality drinking water is unusual colors. Once you see some yellow or red water, your body’s natural aversion capacity will alert you to potential dangers.
If the water is not crystal clear, you can no longer drink it.

If you say that the above signs appear, it means that you should replace the filter and replace it with easy-to-drink healthy water in time. You can find suitable filters for your refrigerator in Our Filters.

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